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Doctor visit today

June 14, 2007

Had the meeting with Dr. Sharps, Naturpath. Very interesting! I had given him a blood and saliva sample several days ago. He ran tests on the samples and has given me a report about what is stressing my body right now. All the areas are assignes a numeric value and it will be easy to see progress as the numbers improve.

The values are from 0 to 1000. Zero is best!

Seems that I have a pretty heavy virus and heavy metal load. Aluminum was highest at 1000. Also on the list are lead (700) and mercury (700) and arsenic (200) Multiviruses (700), parasites (800), and gluten intolerance (1000) with other related intestinal distress, including a reading for celiac disease(600). I did get a reading for cancer of 300. There are other areas reported on as well that I don’t think I’ll go into right now. It would take too long.

Dr. Sharps has made suggestions that I will follow. Some involve diet. I will need to eliminate gluten from my diet, at least for now, and heal my digestive system. I can eat sprouted grain breads, and spelt, (which I already like) and rice and other grains, and pastas made from grains other than wheat . I haven’t eaten wheat pasta for a couple of years now. It drives my blood sugar too high. Some of the other pastas made from rice and Quinia are very tasty.

He recommends whole foods, eliminating dairy, flesh products and processed foods, and avoiding wheat and corn.

For infection elimination I will use a product called Advantage liquid concentrate. It is effective against strep and e. coli, staph, and a host of other things. And echinacea and goldenseal.

For cancer he recommendsTahitian Noni Juice, Gravizon (has cancer killing effect), essiac Tea (have already been using as part of cancer battle plan fast) and veggie juices which feature carrot and celery most, and include garlic and cilantro. Any veggies I want are good. this week it’s red chard, kale radish and beets.

The heavy metals can be chelated with food. A pesto made from cilantro and brazil nuts and several other kinds of nuts with flax seed oil sounds pretty good to me! I may also use other methods of getting rid of the metals. I think using food to do it may be easier on my body. We’ll see….

I am happy to say that my body Ph is improving! That is one of the goals of juicing and eating veggies. Meat and dairy make the body acid. disease loves acid environment.

I am continuing to look at other cancer treatments. I intend for this to be complementary to other treatments. Detox is really important, and it is clear that my system has had enough, and could not defend against cancer. The breakdown happened years ago as it takes years for cancer to become large enough to be detected.

I think it is very important that I reduce the heavy metal load and virus and parasite load.  More later…..

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  1. angela permalink
    June 14, 2007 9:34 pm

    Hi Liz

    Hope your feeling well. Very interesting stuff in your recent post. The environmental working group has done a human toxome project, testing individuals throughout the US on how toxic their body is. Here is the website

    We are actually switching our primary care to a naturopath.

    keeping you in our thoughts

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