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Special Thanks

June 11, 2007

I’ve been meaning to write a post to thank people who have been helping Tim and me these past weeks. The challenge with this is I am bound to forget someone. Here goes…

To Ruth, and the whole Kriz family. Thank you for taking such good care or Tim and especially me during the week right after surgery. You are very gracious and kind.

Several people from the chorus drove me to rehearsals during the past month, Thank you Shannnon, Maggie and Donald.

Thank you, Audrey and Richard, for the dinners and letting me do my washing at your house several times. You are both sweethearts!

Lou drove us to church the first week after I returned home and was still unable to drive safely.

Thanks, Trish for bring dinner to Tim this past week while I was in Seattle. I heard it was yummy!

Cousin Mary Lou, I love the cards and coloring books. 150 crayons….Heaven

Bob took me to the airport at the awful hour of 5:30AM . That really takes dedication. Thanks, Bob

Pat came and picked me up at the airport when I came back home an hour later than she had originally agreed to because we were late. Thanks, Pat

Several people have been kind enough to send several cards in the mail.

And Peter, without whom this blog would not have happened. Peter also came to the concert with my boarding pass in hand!

As I said, I’m sure that as soon as I post this I’ll slap my head and say Oh No! that being said, here goes!

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