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Live blood inspection

May 16, 2007

Yesterday I had a chance to have a live blood and dry blood inspection. Normal blood tests look at dead blood. What happened was my finger was pricked and the blood placed on a couple of slides. Because the blood is still alive I could see the cells moving! I could see red cells and white cells and other immune cells. I was most pleased to see that my white blood cells, were very active! They were moving around a lot and looked sparkly inside under the microscope. there were a couple of other immune system cells that looked in great shape. I’m very thankful.
I learned that when a person eats white refined sugar, the white blood cells just sit there like they are stunned. They stay that way for 5 hours after you eat sugar. Some may know that I stopped eating eating sugar 2 years ago. Diabetes runs in the family and I don’t want it! I lost a bunch of weight just by doing that btw.

There was very little trash in the blood. There were a few funny looking little dots running around in the blood. I think that it is undigested food. And there are things which come out of the blood cells when they die. There was one thing which looked like a worm (?!). I only saw one. I’m told that some people have a bunch. I’m interested to find out what popped out of the cells after 24 hours. I’m told that this is normal and a healthy body keeps these little critters under control, and there are somethings in the blood that no one knows what they are. So much to learn! This really brings out the scientist in me!

There were some things in the blood that were not as good. A lot of the red blood cells were too large or teardrop shape. hmmm…. And the dry blood showed signs of pretty severe oxidative stress . We will look at dry blood again in a couple of weeks. I am doing liver detox now and that may be why the result was not as good. Or it could be the reason the cancer had the chance to grow in the fisrt place. Keep in mind that I am writing what I remember about what happened yesterday. I know I got the big pieces right, but the part about the dry blood I’m not as sure. I saw the slides and they did not look good. what exactly that means is not clear to me.

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  1. Pat O'Neill permalink
    May 17, 2007 8:13 am

    Thanks for all that cool information about blood. So interesting (brings out the somewhat dormant scientist in me). Blood is the life of a person. God made it so incredibly complex that scientists haven’t yet made a synthetic version. I’m praying that all the good things in your blood will overwhelm and annihilate any bad things and that God will heal you.
    Love, Pat

  2. Liz permalink*
    May 17, 2007 12:20 pm

    Hey pat – Great to hear from you. Glad to know of other fellow “scientists” I’ll have more to say on the blood thing in a couple of weeks when I go do the next thing.
    Meantime, the fasting is going well (day 3). I cannot believe that I am not hungey. I do miss chewing though! .

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